on friday afternoon we were asked to do a job for nicole richie’s appearance at holt renfrew here in calgary. she came to town promoting her lines, house of harlow and winter kate. i didn’t really know much about either one of the brands, since we all know how celebrity design ventures usually end up looking, but hey, holt renfrew sells it so it can’t be too shabby. i looked it up and ended up falling in love with a couple of pieces (that in the end unfortunately took a back seat to some more urgent purchases ie. a certain alexander wang bag). i did end up buying some of her rings, which were reasonably priced and thus justifiable. i love them both and really hope they last me a little while at least. the event itself was a zoo, i never thought that she would draw such a crowd, but i guess we don’t really get many celebrities here and celebrity is after all, very powerful. some lucky girls got to meet nicole one on one at the stores’ private suites ahead of the public signing, they were all surprisingly young. ‘the simple life’ hasn’t been on for a while now, and they all would have been around 5 years old when it was airing on tv. i, myself didn’t get into it really till i was over 20 (hilarious btw, i strongly recommend if you are looking for some bubble gum, empty humor and nicole definitely steals the show). we all walked down to the main press area afterwards to get ready for nicole’s grand entrance. it was very amusing, you would think the queen was walking down those stairs, with her man guard in her shadow. i wonder how she must feel in situations like this. i guess also in her everyday life (?) ay! i suppose there is a price to pay to having fame and money, i can only imagine it can’t be so bad. nicole was very gracious to everyone that came to get her book signed. some people cried, some people brought their babies and some people have never read a book until hers came out… well yes! the crowd was diverse and it was entertaining to watch. the whole time we stood behind her, modeling her jewelry, clothes, shoes and sunglasses. we closely resemble some kind of special branch of secret service/bodyguards, or we just look cool like that, no big deal. either way we never got a chance to get a one on one photo with her and so we must settle for whatever we cold find in the press. i googled the event this morning and this is what i came up with. enjoy. xoxo (photos from calgary herald and, video courtesy of amp radio calgary)

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  1. Justyna says:

    that’s amazing, say what people will about the girl, she’s got killer taste…

  2. I didn’t even realize that was you with the huge sunglasses. Awesome job rockin’ out the look. 🙂

    We also linked to your blog on our post.

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