chinook hosted a gala opening of the new extesion on september 28th. i have been anxiousely waiting for this day since i saw the opening date on the big, teasing signs posted around the mall. the sad reality of living in a north american, mid sized city is that the shopping here is done at the mall. there are those people who can find treasures in the biggest dumps, but i am not that skilled. i can’t afford to spend a ton of money at high end department stores or private boutiques and i don’t have the patience to look for used clothes at stinky value village-s of this world (and i do envy those that do and actually find amazing things) to me a used item of clothing is just that, used, and not by me, to top it off, usually emitting a funky moth ball kind of smell and resulting in worn out fabric. i throw out clothes that look as such from my own closet, why would i spend any money on more (?). not to say that i haven’t had my moments. hmm, the conundrum. nevertheless the new extension opened. i finally got to see it, the night before it opens to the public, mainly because i scored a job manequin modeling in the store front of calvin klein (behold the onlookers, cameras, and grabby men). three days of limited food and revisiting my old freind, the elyptical i was ready to face the beast. it was a night of indulgunce for all present. people got drunk, everyone knew each other, one big party. i, in the middle of it (more correctly, up and to the left, depending on where you’re staning) got to see, feel and hear the consequences. at first i thought it was nasty, i didn’t let anyone come up behind me to take photos, standing in the window with me, if you want a picture go to the front. i got the open window so the minute you walk to the store you have all the access to the manequins you want. after an hour or so i realized it was a lost cause, they will do what they want to do, and they kept swarming in, so i caved in and now there are probably hundreds of photos of me in my underwear, in the window of ck with a random stranger (men and women alike) floating around on the internet, one of which i found the day after, on facebook. which is all well and good since there was nobody to take photos for me and well, i am now a lot more popular then i was before… for a good 15 minutes i am sure. no good story is complete without a mishap or two, one in which i got spoted posing, half naked, by my boss (yikes!) and the other in which i nearly fainted after 2 hours of standing in the window, nothing a head thurst between the legs won’t fix (refering to the fainting NOT the boss). all is well that ends well, especially paired with a ton of compliments. if the night taught me anything it was that kate moss is right after all, there is NOTHING that tastes as good as skinny feels.

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