fianlly my parents are home. the cat fell into some deep form of depression and gained a massive amount of weight so hopefully now everything can go back to normal. it felt like a long, long time since i saw them last, which would have been before i left on my trip. the things they saw were amazing. my dad showed me these photos and i was in awe. antelope canyon has to be the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. next year i think europe will have to go on the back-burner. arizona here we come. another interesting bit of information they brought back was about the old paria canyon and the wave in utah. if there is anything worth seeing, it’s this. the trouble is, however, there is only twenty permits available per day to see it. ten of them are available by an on-line lottery that is conducted four months in advance of the particular visit and the remaining ten are drawn in a lottery at the location every morning at 9:00 am. apparently there are so many tourists waiting to win that the actual chances are very slim. at the time of their visit my parents encountered a group of japenese tourists that were staying in the area for 13 days in hopes of winning the said lottery, that particular day was their 6th, giving them 7 more chances to win. you have to admit that sounds intriguing, and the limited access definately adds to it’s desirability (it’s like natures’ birkin bag). my parents did not partake in this lottery. the hike to the wave is about 6 miles long and they were not ready for the trip. now the question is how many days will i be willing to stick around for this?

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