cars? meh! i could care less, EXCEPT when this hot candy red, white stripped old mustang parks, all day in front of my work as to tease me. maybe ‘could care less’ is a wrong way to put my indifference to vehicles. i am obsessed with old mustangs. when i was in high school i always thought that having a red mustang convertible would be the epitome of coolness. of course that’s where my knowledge of all things mustang ends, i couldn’t tell you the model or the year, i just know it has to be old and red. i have since found an outlet of obsession in other, different things. i do still secretly think that having an old mustang would be the epitome of coolness. one day i will own one, and unlike those weird men who hide them in their garages and only take them to the car-wash and back (even if they do it every single day) i will drive mine for all the world to see. it will be glorious and i will finally be cool. 

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