this is my last entry before i fly out home tomorrow. *tear*. i’ve had such an amazing time on this trip. three weeks felt like months, we’ve seen and learnt so much, in so many different places. i will not miss sharing the room with twelve other people (all of whom seem to be only interested in parting and sleeping all day) or the cheap, creaking beds. i will miss all the adventures and the worry free feeling of not knowing what the next day will bring. i was in such good company, jason really pulled through and proved to be as great a trans atlantic travel partner as he was on the continent, and deedoo was just hassle free and so low maintenance, what else could you ask for. aww i’ll miss those guys. they are off to italy for some more european fun. i have been sick for the last three days with a nasty cold. it’s much worse to be sick away from home i found out, sans my trusty vicks flavored puffs tissues, one measly pillow and a room full of people who may or may not be judging your personal appearance and/or hygiene in such situations. i bought an inhaler for the trip back, which i almost used up. i’m most definitely going to feel even more sick after twenty hours of travel. fingers crossed for good movies and a good seat. even in the horrid condition with two days left there was no room for self pity, the salvador dali museum in figueres had to be visited. it was AMAZING! just what went on in that mans head he will only know, or maybe even he won’t. the museum is set up in his old residence, where he is now buried (the tomb is literally in the basement gallery of his home) in the small town two hours outside barcelona, i can’t imagine what it must have been like living in a town with a men who decorated his roof with giant eggs, but then again i can’t imagine what it must have been like to live in a small town. i will have a hard time remembering that day as i was pretty much out of it, perhaps that may have enhanced the experience? we also saw the picasso museum, which he also resided in. for the fans of picassos famous cubism pieces there was not much to see, but the shocking part was how good of a classical artist he was, his sketches and figure drawings as well as some of his paintings were some of the most amazing ones i have seen. the last day i devoted to seeing both gaudi’s works, casa batllo and casa milo (la pedrera). there is so much more to explore here that we have not even had a chance to touch. i wish to be back one day, for now i leave thirsty for more. 

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  1. Wow these photos are amazing!! Can’t believe we practically took the same one on the roof of Casa Mila. Totally understand the not having time thing!! I’m still in school and doing this blog and modeling and I just don’t have time for anything anymore lol.

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