all i have to report today is that the museo valenciano de la illustacion y la modernidad (MUVIM) had free admission to some of the better galleries i have seen to date and gave out free posters (score!). we went to see the valencia cathedral, climbed up the tower for a mediocre view of the city, saw more huge groups of polish tourists, hung out at the plaza de la virgen for hours and saved a pigeon from the torturous grips of evil little boys. as to the safety of the pigeon i am slightly worried. i feel like there was more we could have done. jason lost his phone and now we have no alarm clock, we must be at the train station for 10:45 am tomorrow morning-this time we bought advance tickets. oh yes, and i ran out of room in my bags. shit!

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  1. Vicky says:

    hi Ania! I’m actually one of jay’s friends in toronto. I’m so glad you’re posting pictures and accounting for what’s going on, or else no one would ever see any of Jay’s pictures. It sounds like you guys have had an adventure so far and for some reason, jay always manages to make things work at the most sketchy times! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the trip! thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Leah says:

    That pigeon is s Dove!

  3. Ania B says:

    or is the dove a pigeon 🙂

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