we got on our ferry out of morocco in the same manner in which we entered, being haggled for money and tips. 35 minutes later we entered a different world. the beaches in tarifa are sandy, white and clean, the water is blue, there is no ramadan, we can eat and enjoy ourselves all day. the town is quiet, there is zero shopping, we dedicate 100% of our time to relaxing. we are visiting tarifa during the masters of kite competition. judging by the crowds in our hostel it’s become more popular of a sport in europe then surfing. kids from denmark and germany seem to dominate, even the girls. the majority of people that are staying with us are here for the event. today we walked out of town, to an adjoining beach where people were practicing . the amount of wind was insane. the way back felt like double because of the crazy wind blowing in our direction-picture lawrence of arabia meets the beach with a giant wind machine for the effect of ‘struggle’… yea that’s pretty much how it went down, we got a good sand leg massage. it was fantastic watching the surfers. the sport looks like hard work. in fear of being carried away i will most likely never try it. it’s a great feeling being back in europe, people look happier, less tired and worn down then in morocco. we can have fun again… so we spent the last 2 days lying on our towels getting sun tanned (burnt in jason’s case) and stuffing ourselves with olives, pizzas and pasta. in my dad’s words-viva españa!

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  1. xnoj says:

    I love love love your blog.

    Tarifa looks so beautiful!!

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