after spending one whole day at the djemaa el fna and already having had enough, we decided to get away. essaouira is a popular excursion destination for tourists traveling through marrakech. at first glance it seems to be more relaxed and quieter then the hustling and bustling of the big city, we weren’t fooled for long though. the people may be more wiling to let you take their photo but they are also much more insistent on you paying them, there is, if possible even more cats than in marrakech, most of them also much sicker 🙁 every one of them, much friendlier. i made a friend (check out garfield’s photo down below) and i was so heartbroken having to leave him. today was also the first time we saw camels in morocco, and they were amazing, they are so odd looking, and surprisingly friendly. no shortage, also of “beach bodies” around the coast-essaouria must be the most unattractive beach i have ever been to. it was hard to relax even with the ocean breeze, i will be looking forward to laying out on the beaches of spain soon enough. we are back in marrakech now, we had our last swim in the pool and tomorrow we are off to fes… stay tooned.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    awesome! we had a better experience. It was definitely cooler than M. From there we went south to Tarudant. Good luck in FEZ ! Make sure you get yourself a fez in Fez!

  2. Aidan V. says:

    Oh man! i wanna go!

  3. Ashley says:

    Awesome! I love seeing your pictures.

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