today we shot the new bellissima campaign, celebrating their 35 years in business this year. i did double duty, modeling and taking behind the scenes photos for the bellissima blog (together with my trusty assistant rob). i’m posting some of the photos that are not going to make it to the official store blog (some of them for obvious reasons). it was an amazing team and we had a very good time working together. olga did makeup, leah styled, jeremy from hed kandi did the hair and jason took the photos, also hired a guy to make eggs, not to mention the ever so irreplaceable presence of shae, who handles bellissima’s marketing, and adds a special touch to the whole   SITUATION. heck we are such a fantastic bunch of people you could easily mistake these photos as something off the set of dynasty (clearly judging from how much fun everyone is having-see all the laughs, there is no fakery here my friends). beautiful zara shoes and man braids were just pleasant additions to the day’s events. xoxo 

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