i just finished writing a blog entry for another blog i am writing regarding buns (the hair kind). and most importantly the fact that they used to be everywhere and now they appear to be gone (from the runways etc.). i shed a tear for the bun. it is my favorite trend. i spent forever trying to grow out my hair, frying and dyeing it in the process, from sheer boredom and desperation for change, to be able to put it in a semi-successful bun. i now only need one bobby pin, sometimes if i get lucky even none. goal achieved! only to slowly come to the realization that it will slowly start fading away. i refuse to abandon the love for my precious, seemingly lacking in volume, bun. i shall sport the bun until the end of time… or just till i am no longer afraid that short hair will make me look old.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Are you serious? Buns are gone? I am surrounded by them. All the girls wear them, usually at the top of their heads, almost at their foreheads, they look ridiculous. But I do love buns, so easy. Also I love your title, that song is great on the Darjeeling Limited!

  2. Ania B says:

    aww i know PEOPLE still wear them. but they are nowhere to be seen on the F/W 2010 runways, so they’ll be gone from magazines etc. the ‘creative’ bun is no more lol… or so it looks to me

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