last night’s ‘chromeo’ show was great fun. a lot of waiting around and watching some terrible band from new york of all places, with the ‘lead singer’ putting her own spin on top 40 songs in some really awful outfits. who knew new york could produce shit. on the flip side we got a prime spot right by the stage with incredibly much room for ‘fancy footwork’ (muahaha, look at me with my puns and all). when push comes to shove (and bump comes to grind) i think, after a while it stops being about the music and instead turns into a battle for dance space. i don’t think i had so much fun at a concert since the third time seeing metric (after the 3rd time metric started getting very repetative). i am so f-ing tired today it’s unreal, due in part to nothing else but my own impatience. new gameboy games arrived and i played them till 3am last night, which is really not that late considering i came home just an hour earlier. i’ll be feeling the consequences later in the day i can already tell. note to self: take better pictures of myself, even if it means ridiculousely vain repeats
 here’s the new song from chromeo’s upcoming album ‘business casual’

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