i woke up on sunday morning feeling a little sorry for myself, i had to spend the day outside. you would feel sorry too if you saw the weather (ie. pouring rain, hence no shorts, and possibly even a need for a sweater). but things just have a funny way of working themselves out now don’t they. i made my way to marda loop, which closed it’s main streets to the 25th annual marda gras street festival. jazz rhythm and blues were the themes of the day. the festival pays homage to the culture, cusine and music of new orleans. the rain stopped and the sun came out in time for the crowds to enjoy the day outside. beach volleyball was set up for those who came, street vendors and performers entertained. mode models presented two fashion shows, featuring retailers from around the area as well as auctioning off some of the pieces. we were set up in tight quarters for changes (about 10 girls in one tiny tent), but it just made the time we spent together that much more special, i mean if there is anything to make you feel better about your whole body dripping sweat and walking out into the summer heat in a fur coat is that there are 9 more people around you that are experiancing the same sensation. the day took another pleasant turn when i stumbled upon a garage sale and saw this beautiful, like new, messenger bag for $15. my excitement of course sky rocketed as i never find good things. i love garage sales and i love lookig at all the garbage but i never find anything i actually want to take home. yey for me! what a succesful day after all!

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