today we shot at the big rock location by okotoks. we started quite late but i only had three looks so it was not a major issue. we also got a husky in hopes we can use him for some shots. as i turned out ‘thor’ didn’t particularly like me very much (i say the leash tugging and pulling did not work to my advantage), to top it off the wind was so strong i could not concentrate on anything but keeping my hat from blowing away (and also protecting all the things i brought-it seems from the wind as much as from the cracked out teenagers that like to hang out at the rock and smoke up in the hole). the light changed for every shot since the sun started coming down so regarding the coherency of the story as a whole there is no verdict yet. the hair was done so clean and once we got there it all kind of went to shit. i am happy we got to shoot however, zara’s new fall collection started coming out (also their new catalog is up for viewing finally and i got a little sad that i can’t buy anything bulky this year since there is just no more room in my coat closet for more (perhaps inventory time is approaching) so instead i thought it would be great if we can take photos of everything, that way i can wear it all once at least, which seems to happen with the things i own anyway. is it wrong of me to be excited for fall and winter so that i can wear layers of clothes again? there is a silk dress that i am waiting to wear with a cashmere sweater but i feel i’d be jumping the gun a little bit. i don’t want to seem too keen at the same time. i also had this fox fur that my mum brought from russia (or maybe it was my grandma) that has been sitting at my house for weeks now, and i was waiting to see what i could do with it. we saw furs similar to it in banff last weekend and the whole fox was selling for $300. doesn’t that seem a little cheap and insulting to the fox? why do fur coats sell for thousands and thousands but foxes are so affordable? if you’re going to kill an animal at least don’t make it possible for everyone to have one (not to even mention the $4.99 rabbit furs). R.I.P foxes & rabbits.

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