yup, this is what we do when we are at the pool. we sit around doing exactly this, trying to even out our tans
my two toned body loving the water
after we sit on the other side of the pool we move to the opposite end to sit around some more. this is basically what i’m going to be doing once i quit my job
i already miss you (regardless of the burn)
the painful result of my day at the pool. my mum put sunscreen on my back and i thought to myself i will apply it to the rest of my body once i get there, except that when i got there i completely forgot i didn’t put it on yet, so thinking that i have, of course went all out ‘evening’ my already existing farmers tan. how on earth i am going to even this out now is anybody’s guess. i suppose there is no harm (or pain) left but to only try. yikes!

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