every once in a while, these family freinds of ours invite us over to their house for a barbeque. i’m not certain whether i would classify it as a bbq, since they smoke the sausages over a fire pit and everything else is made inside-to take outside-to eat. the best part of course is that everything is polish. red barszcz to start, then some pierogi’s, stuffed peppers, marinated eggs, god awful ‘kompot’ (aka warm fruit juice) and of course polish sausages. all we needed was some polish head scarves and “krakowiaczek jeden” blasting on the radio somewhere in the background. it was the most food i have ever eaten outside of chritmas and easter. equiped with my new camera, taking photos of everything i saw, the results were documented and for me to share and salivate over long after the delicious tastes and smells have gone.

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