today was the stampede parade, we picked up my nephew and in hopes of catching some delicious stampede breakfasts (we didn’t… i think they start tomorrow, we ate breakfast at a&w instead) we were on our way. the parade is really nothing special, and all the photos i have from it i took with my diana, which i have yet to master (last time i took photos with it, exactly 3 photos turned out, i’m also not 100% sure what there were actually photos of so i don’t count those as successes at all. i also had some difficulty with loading the film and actually seeing how many photos were left-i guess it was because it was b&w film, though the possibility of me having terrible skills with any kind of technology also crossed my mind). the film has been dropped off and i am hoping to see some results soon, depending on how well it goes i might even share them with the world. keeping my fingers crossed.

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