today, for the first time in my short life as a house… person i experienced the woes of gardening. i was cultivating a delicious strawberry on my balcony (there is actually 10 in total but this one specifically was huge, it looked like i fed it chemicals and growth hormones, it was quite amazing). i returned home from work today only to find the strawberry half picked at and destroyed (from the top!). i know exactly who the culprit behind this vandalism is too, because we don’t have birds quite as loud and obnoxious as the magpie around my house that would be brave enough to come down on someone’s balcony and help themselves to their food! rude! here is a sad photo of my eaten strawberry (to add to the dramatic effect):
🙁 i don’t even know if it would be safe to eat the other half, just to try how it at least tasted. i will never know
oh but i know where you live magpie you! your crimes will not go unnoticed any longer!

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