… and of course i am somehow in the middle of all of it. i HATE sales. it’s all picked over stuff nobody ever wants that ends up being discounted just so you take it home and nobody has to look at it ever again. sale items are failures. but of course i always get suckered into the cheap prices and the ‘good deals’. in fact i have to go return a whole bunch of crap today because i realized after bringing it back home that none of it i would ever even look at if it wasn’t for the red stickers (thank god for the stores that return their sale items, what would i do without you).
this may be just another one of those times but i went to bcbg today and i found a couple of dresses i loved. the black one you can’t really see, and the pictures are kinda blurry and not so good (thanks a lot mary! :)) but it has this great 3d flower thing on the side (i’m really into flowers these days and if there is anything better than a flower it’s a 3d flower!). but i wouldn’t have anywhere to wear it, the beige has kind of the same issue, except that one looks great in a photo but it has all this stuff around the bust that makes it look big and i’m not into that kinda thing. the blue and black one is great, but it would require alterations (the black part is actually not attached and without it it looks long and ugly, since i’m gonna pay $300+ for a dress, even if it is on sale, it better be damn perfect), and so there is the white one, the perfect dress, it looks so good with a tan (sounding like a true guido)
but it does and the back is so beautiful, and it would look so great with those miu miu shoes that are hopefully coming up soon (any day now rob, any day!). i got a $100 coupon to the store for tomorrow, trouble of course is that they don’t hold sales and it’s the last one in my size, so i have to see what happens, i guess if i do go back tomorrow and it’s still there… well i guess i have to see what happens. i better sleep on it, because i’m not sure still if it’s really me talking or the sale, with it’s red prices and empty promises.
what do i do!!!??? (really trying hard to ignore the little voice in my head that screams NO ANIA NO!! cause i know that’s just the voice of my mum)

update on the dress situation: it sold, the day i was going to get it i called and it’s been sold. oh cruel fate!

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