this week calgary is host to the sled island music festival. i don’t generally participate in festivals dedicated to these small bands, even though i know that it’s good to support the struggling artist etc. etc. i just don’t love spending money and listening to such gems as ‘fucked up’. of course as i always complain at the lack of culture and happenings in our city this is better then nothing indeed. there are, however many independent bands i do love, and i always buy cds, if i download a cd and i like it i will also buy it, because i want to physically own the case and the artwork, and i also like the easy access to lyrics. tonight one of the only bands i know that are taking part in the festival, but that i actually do like and that are ever so present on my first ipod (this ipod is from the stage in my life where i thought of myself as deep, and a true music expert, where the zenith of coolness was actually owning an ipod-the same time in fact when i got a tattoo i now want desperately to remove and when i ran away from home, all, were clearly smart choices), ted leo and the pharmacists are playing at olympic plaza, i will miss it, but here is the song that got me into the band, one of few songs from that era that i still listen to and love (for some reason i thought ted had a beard and huge reading glasses an kinda looked like my dad… guess not):

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  1. Marta says:

    If you didn’t wanna buy a ticket, you could have still saw and heard them across the chainlink fence at Olympic Plaza. There were plenty of homeless guys to hang out with too 🙂

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