scissor sisters came out with a new cd this week, ‘night work’. sometimes it takes me a couple of times of listening to a cd before i decide i absolutely love it and this one has passed the test. it’s like 80’s and pet shop boys and there is even some elton john in there, i was quite impressed, it’s a little different from the first two, and i would say probably has less ‘hit’ potential then the other two, in my mind anyways (where a hit would have to make me wanna dance like its 1999, and there is only a couple songs on there that do it for me: ‘sex and violence’ and ‘night work’ are thus far my two favorite… it’s just no ‘i don’t feel like dancing’ that’s for sure) BUT regardless of all that it’s still going on my summer playlist… next to check out on my list i the new LCD soundsystem, i’ve already had two people talk it up to me so i’m gonna go give it a listen, for now i leave you with… this (parental supervision advisory notice dear brother):

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