since i am going to be speaking french soon (fluently i might add) i think it is time to start stocking up on some good old french films, and what better then the good old classic french cinema of bridget bardot and catherine deneuve. regardless of how cheesy and badly made these movies might be (might not, i suppose time will only tell) some of my favorite movies are french comedies. i only watched french comedies in polish and even though i thought up till now that ‘le placard’ translated to ‘gossip’ (the polish title for the movie… it translates to ‘the closet’ btw), gerard depardieu (1994 classic ‘my father the hero’ anyone?) with his ugly face and impressive imdb resume of movies (both american and french, this man has 16 movies in the works in the year 2010 and 2011 alone, how is that even physically possible, or they might just be real bad movies) and louis de funes with his ‘gandarme’ series will be the funniest men alive, i guess it has a lot to do with the sentiment i carry for the time period in life when i became aware of their existence (circa 1992). you can have the best of both worlds after all – the opportunity to tell people you are ‘into french films’ and a gay ol’ time, everybody wins… seriously! watch these movies

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