what a horrendously disastrous class it was last night. ok so maybe im exaggerating a little bit but i came out with not loving any of my drawings. we were drawing a male and he loved himself so much, which is actually funny because i always expected the models to walk around and at least look at what the people drew of them, but the women never do, they seldom even talk to the class, and john, well he started taking photos of everyone’s drawings and just sat through the whole time butt naked with his crotch hanging around like we were all weird for wearing clothes at all, talking to everyone.  he was a great model, when i finally got a drawing started that i liked the teacher f-ing tells us to switch with the person across the room from us (so we can see from another perspective and learn how to correct our work etc etc.) F!!!! my partner not only destroyed my drawing (far right) with her dark and hard lines but she also started her drawing in the same manner that she ‘corrected’ mine (all she did was go over the lines i already made and made them ugly) so whatever corrections i made were hard to even see. he told us that the exercise usually results in some great drawings but let me tell you was he ever wrong. he says not to treat our drawings as if they were precious, which seems to be a consensus amongst these art teachers, but guess what you guys! *urgh* my drawings ARE precious to me, and i only get to draw for 3 hours every week and i don’t pay $300+ to walk away with nothing.

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