after my visit to new york city in 2004 i brought back this andy warhol pop-box, its full of fun random and inspiring pictures and objects. I was cleaning out my bookshelves yesterday making some room for new books and i opened it up and i found there was a free admission to the andy warhol musem in pittsburg, i was bummed out, however when i saw that it expired on december 31 2005 🙁 since pittsburg is kind of out of my way no matter how i look at it i would probably have never gone anyways, but at least i could have had that option, now my dreams have been crushed. i WILL, however, make my way to pittsburg one time or another (perhaps when visiting freinds in toronto) to see the museum. just like i will one day visit milan just to go see the leonardo da vinci museum there. warhol is one of my favorite artists, i love the bold colors and statements that he makes. calgary needs a visiting exhibition of warhol’s work, no more of that inuit crap and dancing sandstone bears please.
speaking of pop art, the national gallery of cananda in toronto is having an exhibit entitled ‘pop life: art in a meterial world’  it runs from june 11 to september 19 2010, it features artists like andy warhol, jeff koons (it is my dream to see n person one of his baloon animals) and takashi murakami, who helped design the famous multi colored louis vuitton bags with marc jacobs, bringing louis vuitton to become popular amongst the younger crowds around the world. so if you are lucky to be there during that time you should go check it out and tell me how it was. i’ll be jelaous.

please, someone take me away from here :'(

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