i went through a phase in my youth (ahem ahem) where i was obsessed with vinyl records. of course that was when i had a piggy bank still and i could only afford the 20 or so that are in my ‘collection’ today. i remember i exchanged all of my crappy britney spearks/n’sync cds for one copy of the cream ‘wheels of fire’, it was shiny and it was silver and i was judging by the cover alone, but there was also the great time when i got the beatles ‘sargent pepper lonely hearts club band’ special edition marble record, it cost me $100 and i split it with my dad, and it is and will remain one of my proudest acquisitions. the inner sleeve in mardaloop is having a what looks like all you can carry vinyl sale, i stumbled upon it yesterday in fast forward magazine, and if i can find the time to get away from my excrutiatingly painfull time with the tax act i will go and check it out, it’s worth to at least see what they have, maybe i can buy 20 more for mere pennies. i have yet to get the whole madonna collection. fingers crossed.

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