bahahahaha, i have to repost this hilarious blog post i saw on today, tyra banks is so ridiculous, that woman loves to hear herself talk, try and figure out at what point you stop paying attention to what she has to say:
The New York Times Magazine has a series of great black and white YouTube videos where they interview actors (everyone from George Clooney to Natalie Portman) about their “craft.” It’s often a bit pretentious, but they choose their celebrities wisely and, probably because of the clout the magazine holds, they get really great candid moments.
And then there was Tyra. Not sure why they chose her…but she took it pretty darn serious. Wait, no, she took herself pretty darn seriously. I get that it’s black and white and “artsy” and someone prestigious…but Tyra, get with it lady. You’re not an “artist,” and “learning how to smile 275 different ways” is not an art. It’s an embarrassment.
Good luck getting through the entire clip. Favourite smile is probably the easy and useful: “someone just gave you a diamond ring smile and you have no idea why but you’re really excited!”
arghhhh stop talking tyra
i just found out, showing this video to rob that it’s actually more interesting watching this on mute

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