where: 2439 – 54th Ave. SW
(The one and only location – just off Crowchild Tr. SW)
may 9th is my nephew’s birthday, he turned 7 today and we went to celebrate at the dutch pancake house (haus). i would never have known this place existed if not for my sister-in-law who invited us out. this place is oooold, and has a crappy waiting room (a waiting room nonetheless, which is only significant of how busy they get), and rightly so, those pancakes are $10.00 each and are as big as a pizza, they also come with as many toppings and come as sweet or savory (if anyone has been to a creperie they know the kinds). i was too excited for desert (which are more pancakes) after i had my ham, mushroom and cheese one that i forgot to take a photo of my empty plate. i spent the rest of the day sleeping off the pancake thinking of the diet i will have to go on afterwards. now i am watching charlie sleep while standing and it’s cracking me up so here is a photo, he is actually swaying from side to side, gotta love the little guy <3

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  1. TingTing says:

    what is the address, sweety?

  2. TingTing says:

    Woops, saw the address. Gonna to go there and try one day~Yammy~

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