edge of your seat thrills-check
this movie was AWESOME. a modern day agatha christie mystery with a contemporary twist and shocking story line. some parts were pretty awful to watch and graphic and the main character, lizbeth is definitely disturbed and odd but maybe that’s part of the charm and modernity of the whole thing. i was putting off seeing it because the trailer looks really bad, but the thing is the trailer does not even come close to doing justice for this movie. in fact, unless you have read the book before seeing it you don’t have the slightest idea what this movie is even about, a shame, because i haven’t read the books and i was basing my decision on the trailer alone. i didn’t even know it was based on a book (even though it might say it is in the trailer :P) BUT i found out recently and i researched it a bit and saw how famous it has become, and yes, swedish furniture and music and swedish clothes are known and loved all over the world, they are not necessarily famous for their literature (maybe with the exception of pippi longstocking by astrid lidngren, we all know who she is), so when there is a swedish book that has made the whole world obsessed with these characters i must find out what the commotion is all about. so the only thing left to do was to see the movie. i went, i saw and i loved it and now i want more. i already have in my possession the first book of the series, which i am going to read regardless of knowing the outcome, because i think that the book will offer more insight and background to the story plus i feel like if i don’t read the first book before reading the second and third and just watch the movie adaptation, well that’s kinda cheating. and i know i will definitely want to read the others, reviews of the next two are even better then the first. today after work i am going to costco to check out the other two books (keep your fingers crossed for me i hope they are still there-*costco has books at sometimes over 50% off the retail price so if there is any incentive to pay the $50 to become a member it’s this, chapters i-rewards? pfff, who??*
R.I.P Stieg Larsson (1954-2004)

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