my second drawing class started yesterday, it’s a full on figure drawing class, every class 3 hours of figure drawing (i could have done this or just gone to the quickdraw drop in classes every week, i am not sure why i chose this). i can already tell that i will get bored of this class very soon, what i can’t stand most of all is the grueling ‘gesture drawing’, or as our teacher likes to call it ‘the warm up’, why can we not warm up by drawing normally is beyond me. either way my work sucked yesterday and that’s why i am not posting it, instead here is a sketch i quickly did to make myself feel better about this whole situation. i think to make this experience more fun i will have to give myself personal assignments every week (i.e next week i will try to only draw the shadows of the body and hope it will look like something,  the week after i might just focus on one part of the body). as recommended by our teacher i went out and bought a human anatomy book and hope to practice lots, once it gets warmer i may even try going outside and drawing people i see, though that seems like more of a challenge than i am willing to deal with right now.

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  1. rocky says:

    ania your drawings are getting really good! keep it up! i love the detail on the girl’s face. very beautiful 🙂

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