when: april 24-25 where: bmo center
all weekend i was working at the woman’s show at the roundup center. i found out quite quick that the calgary comic convention was happening just next door (it was not very hard to miss considering half of the attendees looked like batman, jedi warriors and the star trek crew). i badly wanted to go, expect nobody was willing to go with me and pay 25 bucks to get in, and yea i agree its a bit pricey BUT calgary never ever has cool things going on and even if the comic convention is not for everyone they do really try to make it into a world class event. leonard nimoy (old spok), brent spiner (data) and even peter facinelli from twilight for those hardcore twilight fans was signing autographs. even billy dee williams who was in episode 5 and 6 of star wars was there for photo ops. 
so i went on sunday to look around and wisely spend that money. there was not much there other than comic book sales, comic book auctions and comic book artists, but the atmosphere and the people were super fantastic. they all love those comics, and i used to love sailor moon and i can kind of relate. i thought with my purple hair and nasty makeup from the shows i could blend in at least a little but even that wasn’t enough to disguise me as a comic-azi haha. i even tried getting in for free but those comic book guys could not be phased by anything other than the first edition of spiderman or other latex clad superheroes. so thanks comic book convention for being so kind as to showing a clueless girl your ways, and your hospitality, i will probably only spend 25 dollars on you once, but i learned a lot. when i pointed out that lando carlissian has aged, i was kindly reminded that ‘time happened for him too’ by one of the men lined up to see him. i was also mistaken for a ‘weird star wars fan’ and compared to a fox from some odd anime show i have never seen before (i think it was a compliment). 
this gentleman/klingon informed me of a star trek convention on october 15 for those of you interested. i know i’ll be there
nothing better than inflatable tube men in the shape of wolverine and some other character-is that iron man? not too sure
elf or vulcan?
‘star wars fans are weird’
there you have it > i heard it’s coming back next year

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  1. I love your random fun outings!!!

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