my nephew had his 3rd ukrainian dance concert today with the yalenka dance society (who celebrated their 35th anniversary this year), watching him dance i could not believe how fast time flies, 3 years ago he was running off the stage crying because he was too scared to move one foot in front of the other, now he can do the coffee grinder. i am so proud. watching all the dancers brought nostalgia over me, making me remember when in kindergarten we danced traditional polish dances for our parents. right now i am totally into the idea of joining a folk dance group and becoming their star performer, this dream may and will change tomorrow but for now i will dwell on these photos and imagine…
this also makes me think of the burning of the ‘marzanna’ in the spring time. she is the slavic goddess of death and winter. on march 20, the tradition calls for building a life-size dummy out of straw, fabric and newspaper, taking her to the river and setting her on fire, after which you let her float, burning or drown her, thus saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring. i miss this. 

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    THIS is what we should do for a shoot…

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