here is a  peak at what we worked on over the weekend. i’m very excited about the final product and hope to post it soon. meantime i  have had quite a hell of day. my hair is back to being dark. it makes me want to cry a little bit because i know now i can’t go back blonde for a long time, and trying to get used to an extreme is hard so i’m currently sitting here staring at myself thinking about what i should do. another thing that disturbed me today was the process of posting this photo. i was unsure of putting it up at all because of the effect it will have on the people that read my blog, like people at work or at home, and of course i ended up cropping it because i know that if i left it un-cropped i would get in all sorts of shit from a whole lot of different people and then i was thinking more and more about it. it made me so mad that i live in this society that is obsessed with hiding natural aspects of life. i was at my brother’s house the other day and my nephew got in trouble for saying ‘vagina’ and yea, he is 7 years old, but why are we teaching him to be ashamed of saying words that were chosen to describe anatomical parts that all of us have (he got in all sorts of different situations shouting ‘penis’ in class too), nobody says anything when you say ‘ear’ or ‘foot’. and the same goes for this argument i’ve been having with myself all day. how many of you that will look at this picture and think that there are two girls in it and they have their tops off and not think twice about it. why must i feel guilty for wanting to post a photo that has breasts in it, why do i even have to justify this. women glorify and drool over topless photos of men all the time, dirty men get off  looking at porn all the time and they don’t feel ashamed. so here i am, wanting to be able to feel proud of the beautiful things that we do, i am going to be wrinkly,old and saggy i am sure sooner than i know and wanting to hide enough then. little things like these make me wish that i lived anywhere but here. so here it is for the whole lot of you that want to become my european neighbors… and for the perverted (and you SHOULD feel guilty)… and the curious… and NOT MY BROTHER or my dad for god’s sake, ‘the best of’
by Jason Eng
models Ania & Devon
makeup Olga Onulov

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  1. Jemery says:

    wooo now i can die happy. seriously though nice photos, very tastefully done.

  2. A/C says:

    post what you want. that’s the joy of having a blog.

  3. Leah says:

    I really like them as a collage!

  4. The collage is really beautifully done. Your thoughts are legitimate. You don’t see anyone freaking out about a nude painting of a woman at the Louvre.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think you should post what you want – no judgement from me 🙂

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