julia child and martha stewart who? move over ladies, a new kid rolled into town… haha. this is amusing and significant for a very important reason, i NEVER cook or bake, i don’t even squeeze lemons when i want lemon juice. my friend ola, however inspired me to make these granola bars, and since the recipe did not call for anything more complicated then roasting nuts and heating up some peanut butter, and since we have been trying to eat healthy for a little while, and it has not been an easy battle i decided it was time to put on an apron and pick up one of those spreader/spatula things. i have yet to find out how it really turns out when it cools off and i try to take a bite of it in the morning, but for now the excitement is in the air, and the oven is still hot. i have made my first ‘food’ since we moved out… and left the dishes to the professionals 

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  1. TingTing~ says:

    Want to have the recipe!!!Looks good~~ I don’t mind trying next time you make it~^0^

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