what: studio todorovic where: #110, 100-7th ave sw (art central)
i went to do the fashion show at art central this evening and i wanted to pick up a couple of items beforehand that i saw in window displays the previous night, one of which were these bunny cards. i love how they are quirky but modern at the same time and so simple. the owner of the store, who is an acad graduate designed these and came up with the characters. she also paints and sells her paintings at the store. they were so amazing i thought, they would be so perfect for a kids room or something (one day… faaar faaar into the future) but she is also hoping to create a book with these bunnies. i hope she is successful, i respect her determination to do things with her art by funding her own way with the help of the store. her website:

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  1. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved my shop (Studio Todorovic) to a new location and re-named it Sketch Art Supplies. I hope you can stop by sometime! 🙂 I’ve got some more bunnies… no book yet though. Maybe one day (just like kids… maybe one day).

    Ljubica Todorovic
    Sketch Art Supplies
    1713 2 Street NW
    Calgary, AB T2M 2W4
    (403) 450-1917

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