we went and we saw and we were all kind of disappointed and i was definitely not as inspired as i wanted to be . personally i thought the movie would be a lot more fantastical then it actually was. the “sets” or CGI backgrounds rather were beautiful and all the characters were as well but something was missing. Johnny Depp was kind of just Jack Sparrow with an orange wig and green contacts and the dance he made at the end was just terrible and probably ruined the whole movie for me, along with the Avril Lavigne soundtrack :S not to mention that every stoner in the city went to watch it as well and the whole theatre smelled like the skunks infested the place, not attractive. it still made me happy and i wish i could come and go to wonderland as i pleased but i think that my 6 year old nephew will be much more satisfied with the story then i was. my favorite Alice in Wonderland remains the muppet version with Brooke Shields (you know you made it back in the day when you made it on the muppet show:

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