so i am sitting here, still bored, trying a little bit to empty out my pictures folder by posting some stuff on the blog when i think of xena and hercules 😀 OH MY! as many of you may find this humorous i think that those shows made my childhood, i want to get them all on dvd i can’t belive i’ve gone so long without them. so there is a more emberassing reason for me thinking of xena and hercules (kevin sorbo and lucy lawless anybody lol). i am currently in the process of reading “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series, i bought them to read to my nephew johnny (age 6 🙂 ) and as i was reading it out loud he got bored and i got interested, the best part is that i am learning again about greek mythology, last time i touched that was in first year of university so lots was forgotten, but greek mythology is full of amazing stories that beat anything that is produced today (except xena of course), anyways the story is a little lame (it tries hard to be the next harry potter, but when i read it i feel sometimes like im reading something i wrote eeeek). i got to at least finish book 1 before the end of next week as the movie is coming out and i am, of course gonna go see it haha
also excited for alice in wonderland but who isn’t
UPDATE: i did it, i purchased all 6 seasons on ebay. i can hardly wait for it to come weeeeee, it also amazes me that they had the ability to cut bangs like that in ancient greece, truly astounding

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