El Matador Beach

20170130-20170130-20170130-0z2a4656-edit20170130-20170130-20170130-0z2a4288-editel-matador-sunset-malibu20170130-20170130-20170130-0z2a4877-edit20170130-20170130-20170130-0z2a4625-edit el-matador-dyptic20170130-20170130-20170130-0z2a4438-edit 20170130-20170130-20170130-0z2a5147-edit el-matador-sand 20170130-20170130-20170130-dsc09826-edit 20170130-20170130-20170130-dsc09917A bit of a change of scenery for you. We headed down to LA straight after Sundance, surprisingly I wasn’t even in the mood for summer weather. I’m feeling like there’s a lot of unfinished business left with winter still and we are only just starting. Alas, I can not pass up on exploring. Every time we visit LA (let’s just get a place there already) we find a million new things to see and do. Where weather was concerned I didn’t even have to worry about it being summer, turns out winter in LA has a bit of a chill to it as well, venturing out to El Matador Beach in Malibu fully dressed wasn’t that crazy after all. Cowboys go to beach too don’t they? The views from this place though are absolutely stunning. With the exception of being THE place to go to shoot for ones blog it seems it’s like you’re not even in LA. Forget Baywatch, this is one rocky coast, it resembles the Pacific Northwest in many ways and the sunset, definately worth risking getting your car towed. I’ve always wanted to see those famous LA sunsets and this made up for all lost time. We’re headed back to LA this week and I am much more at peace with it, especially that we’ll be working on some Coachella related images (it’s that time again!) and I can’t wait to share the news! Stay tuned and enjoy this winter interlude while it lasts. xoxo

wearing: Ted Baker dress, Smithbilt hat, Toga Pulla boots, Chloe backpack