Ania B Salvation Mountain-17Ania B Salvation Mountain-29Ania B Salvation Mountain-20Ania B Salvation Mountain-10Ania B Salvation Mountain-16Ania B Salvation Mountain-12Ania B Salvation Mountain-2 Ania B Salvation Mountain-21 Ania B Salvation Mountain-8Ania B Salvation Mountain-11part travel, part outfit post mainly because there are just that many photos and also because salvation mountain deserves a dedicated post all on it’s own. for those who are unfamiliar, salvation mountain is an art installation sitting in the dessert just outside of palm springs. leonard knight, the artist responsible, passed away last year (rip) but a charity organization was founded a few years ago to work on preserving the project and taking care of the site. even if you are not of the christian belief you can still find appreciation for this place. walking through the coloured adobe you can really feel the positive energy that surrounds the place. and serendipity even that my outfit was unintentionally totally perfect for this spot. a sound piece of advice, depending on your purpose, and your threshold for crowds, is to pick a weekday to visit. we saw so many wonderful places on our way through southern california and so many that we wished to explore but simply did not have the time it is a good thing we will be back so soon.

wearing: urban outfitters aztec print set, zara bag, vintage cowboy boots