you don’t have to search very far to discover what makes me happy – take one look at my instagram account. lately, i’ve been embracing the idea of fun fashion accessories. small things that can turn a whole outfit around. for me it has been about sunglasses and bags, but every time i stop by the mall i try to pick up a trinket that will make my day a little more fun. that can be anything from a fun pair of earrings to the latest fashion periodical. so many hidden gems waiting to be found. in the end i don’t know what i enjoy more: the objects themselves or the hunt. i guess there is a bit of a thrill in both. and then there’s the pleasure of using them and documenting their life, something i have been taking pretty seriously the last few years. call me materialistic but every one of these things i claim as mine has a higher purpose: they often inspire and spark the need for travel, instigate connections with fellow bloggers and help with day-to-day creativity. take a peek into what has been making me happy:
foreign magazines: paris vogue and vogue japan are some of my favourites. whether i collect them  on my travels, or have friends pick them up on theirs, they are a testament to what the world is celebrating now.
travel guides: i am a sucker for buying lonely planet guides to places i want to visit. even if the trip doesn’t come to fruition immediately, the seed is planted and the reminder of that destination lingers on my bookshelf until it has been accomplished. we have been travelling a lot for work lately and there hasn’t been much time to explore, but every trip we take we make sure to stop and enjoy the moments that we have in these beautiful places.
sunglasses: sunglasses big and small (but mostly big) have become something of an obsession. a secret > i don’t know how to wear sunglasses. i live by the belief that i want to see with my own eyes everywhere i go, rather than through coloured lenses. so why would i spend my money on something i don’t even know how to use? because i want to learn. i love the way they look on others… and myself, they add an element of mystery and an air of cool. they are the perfect accessory and a lot of fun, almost adding a costume element to your whole look.
bags: how i love coveting bags. more than planning outfits around those on my most wanted list, i love discovering those hidden treasures when i least expect them. this chinese takeout box-bag wasn’t even on my radar, but i discovered in the course of planning for toronto fashion week and it caught my attention immediately. it’s the perfect combination: quirky and strangely practical. a bag to last me a lifetime? we will see. but right now it’s all about living in the moment.
in collaboration with the new prada fragrance, florale, for the next few weeks i will also be posting a variety of images of things that make me happy. look for the hashtag #stopandsmelltheflorale to see all the images from the campaign and follow along with my everyday obsessions at @aniab. remember to always stop and smell the florale. what are some of your weaknesses? xoxo
prada’s latest fragrance evolved from the concept of an imaginary flower created especially for candy. of course, candy cannot simply have any flower. her flower has to be wondrous and sophisticated, bursting with life and sensuality as candy herself.

light airy top notes put the sparkle in candy, tender powdery heart notes echo her spring-like grace, and a whisper of warmth and honey reflect candy’s sensuality.
prada candy florale eau de toilette spray 50ml, $85.00
prada candy florale eau de toilette spray 80ml, $115.00

disclosure: this post was brought to you by PUIG via glam media canada. the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of PUIG. 

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